Full and partial dentures are a tried-and-true tooth replacement that has helped millions of people with missing teeth live a better life.

Unfortunately, because materials and technology were limited back in the day, older versions looked artificial and obvious. This fake appearance turned many people off to the idea, but those days are gone, and real-looking denture teeth in Hershey, PA look, fit and feel better than ever before.

Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement

Back in the day, the materials available for dentures were limited, so there wasn’t much customization possible. Older dentures were one-size-fits-all, which usually translated to one-size-fits-none.

Modern dentures are nothing at all like the fake-looking versions of yesterday. Dentists understand that patients with missing teeth want a natural-looking solution that doesn’t scream “false teeth” when they open their mouths.

Customized Dentures in Hershey, PA

DenturesFull and partial dentures look more natural today because modern dental materials have improved significantly over the years. The base material used for dentures today is more pliable and conforms more comfortably to the contours of your jaw and gums.

You don’t have to worry that your teeth will look fake or obvious either. The material for denture teeth now more closely resembles the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Throughout the planning process, you and your dentist will work together to customize the smallest details, including the shape, shade, and size of each tooth.

A skilled technician at a custom dental lab carefully custom-craft your dentures according to your dentist’s plan. They customize the artificial teeth to look more lifelike by positioning each one individually in the gum-colored base. With an artistic eye, the technician can even include small variations and imperfections to make your new smile look even more realistic.

If you need to replace missing teeth, forget everything you thought you knew about the look of dentures. We design them in Hershey, PA that are so real-looking no one will ever know your secret.  Schedule an appointment today!